Programs for Programmers

Clearwin+ GUI Builder

Salford ClearWin+ is an easy to use GUI builder which is designed for Fortran programmers. By learning a few simple subroutine calls and format strings you can take any existing Win32 Fortran program and add a full GUI interface with windows, menus, popup dialog boxes, listboxes, edit boxes, bitmaps, toolbars, etc. etc. Callback mechanisms and similar functionality is handled for the programmer by ClearWin+.

Salford Clearwin+ is very concise, 'Hello World' requires only 4 lines of Fortran code. Whilst Clearwin+ provides the majority of interaction with the Win32 API full direct access is also possible. Applications written using Clearwin+ can also contain graphics regions, enabling charts and graphs of all descriptions to be included within applications. OpenGL graphics can also be included and sample code is provided.