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Thank you!

A big thank you to all our lovely customers for your loyalty and wonderful comments after our recent come-back on 1st December 2015. We have really appreciated your support.

What has been happening?

As most of you are aware, during 2014, Polyhedron Software was sold to Adept Scientific plc.  Adept went into voluntary liquidation a few months later and this unfortunately had a negative knock-on effect. Sadly this meant that Polyhedron Software Ltd went into voluntary liquidation in Spring 2015.

Sue Taylor (a former Polyhedron Software employee) and Joerg Kuthe (a Fortran specialist and owner of QT Software GmbH) have formed Polyhedron Software & Services Ltd. after the successful purchase of the Polyhedron Software assets.  This ensures that we can expand our services and solutions to offer a knowledgeable and secure company for your software purchases.  We will be adding informative programming articles to our web-site and running special offers from time-to-time, so please re-visit our web-site on a regular basis.

I understand that many of you have been contacted by another company.  Please download the documents from the Administrators and QT Software GmbH if you need confirmation that this should not have been the case. In the interim period Polyhedron's assets were merged with Adept's assets but a clause in the sale should have prevented your data being used.

We are delighted to be back and look forward to serving you in the future.