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Windows Compilers

For Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/8.

LF Professional

LF Professional V7.5 includes the 32-bit Lahey/Fujitsu Compiler and the new 64-bit Lahey/GNU compiler. At present LF Pro 32-bit V7.5 is not released. When it is, it will include Microsoft Visual Studio Shell 2012. Customers who buy now will receive V 7.3 and a free upgrade on release of the updated Lahey/Fujitsu compiler.

More information about LF Professional products

DescriptionVersionCommercial Part NumberAcademic Part NumberCommercial PriceAcademic Price

Lahey-GNU Fortran - Single User - Maintenance

SilverLGF-ST-SU-CMLGF-ST-SU-AM£63.00 £50.00

LF Professional - Floating per seat

7.7LFPRO-77-FL-CLFPRO-77-FL-A£1,020.00 £510.00

LF Professional - Update from other Lahey - Single User

7.7LFPRO-77-SU-LAH2LF95-CLFPRO-77-SU-LAH2LF95-A£600.00 £300.00

LF Professional Update from 7.x - Multi-User Seat to Floating

7.7LFPRO-77-FL-UPD-CLFPRO-77-FL-UPD-A£510.00 £255.00

LF Professional - Single User

7.7LFPRO-77-SU-CLFPRO-77-SU-A£680.00 £340.00

LF Professional Update from 7.x - Single User

7.7LFPRO-77-SU-UPD-CLFPRO-77-SU-UPD-A£340.00 £170.00

LF Professional Single User - Maintenance

7.7LFPRO-77-SU-CMLFPRO-77-SU-AM£272.00 £136.00

LF Express

Need an Editor? We recommend Ed for Windows for LF Express

DescriptionVersionCommercial Part NumberAcademic Part NumberCommercial PriceAcademic Price

LF Express - single user

7.3LFEXP73LFEXP73EDU£199.00 £199.00

LF Express - multi-user seat

7.3LFEXP73SEATLFEXP73EDUSEAT£299.00 £299.00

LF Express - single user - Update from LF95 Express v7.x or less

7.3LFEXP73UPDTLFEXP73EDUUPDT£119.00 £119.00

LF Express - upgrade single user v7.3 to multi-user seat

7.3LFEXP73MUUPGDLFEXP73MUUPGD£119.00 £119.00

LF Express - multi-user seat - Update from LF95 Express v7.x or less

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Classic Windows Compilers

Please note that these compilers are frozen at this version!


Supplied only for customers who have software dependent on this version. Not under development and not supported.

DescriptionVersionCommercial Part NumberAcademic Part NumberCommercial PriceAcademic Price


4.5LF9045LF9045EDU£716.00 £476.00

LF90 Update

4.5LF9045UPDTLF9045EDUUPDT£159.00 £159.00

General Information

Academic Licenses

Lahey offers educational licenses on Lahey Fortran Language Systems to faculty and students of accredited, degree-granting schools. You must submit a school purchase order or valid student ID to qualify for the educational license. The educational license allows you to use the product for teaching, learning, or research. You may not create commercial applications with an educational license. There are no educational discounts on updates, upgrades, or subscriptions. Government, or commercially funded Research Establishments do not qualify for academic discounts.


Supplied electronically. CD only for LF Enterprise 7.1.

Multi-user Licenses

Lahey offers multi-user licenses for Lahey Fortran Language Systems to one or more concurrent users at one location. Each multi-user license allows for 3 activations or installations. Multi-user licences do not use a Licence Manager. Applications created with LF95 Linux may be run on clusters at no extra charge.


* MATFOR is supplied by download - manuals and CDs may be on request at additional charge

Win32/.NET Availability

LF FortranTool Groups
Fortran for .NET Language SystemWin32 Fortran Language SystemWin32 Development ToolsVisual Studio
EditionsEnterprise V7.1 only





Professional V7.2





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