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Plato3 - The Driving Force Behind FTN95

Salford Plato3

Plato3 Features

  • Integrated Development Environment for FTN95
  • Syntax highlighting for Fortran, C++, C#, HTML and Assembler
  • Unlimited undo
  • Same look and feel as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Project managment for FTN95 compatible with Visual Studio .NET
  • Compile and track compilation errors; build and run from the IDE
  • Integrated help facilities
  • Multiple views of source code
  • Outlining/folding of source code
  • Docking dialogs and toolbars
  • Macro record and playback
  • Named/Unnamed bookmarks
  • File diff tool
  • Spell checking

Plato3 is the Silverfrost text editor available bundled with FTN95 and available for purchase for use as a standlone editor. Silverfrost Fortran compilers benefit from specific configuration features for Fortran projects and with compatibility with FTN95 Visual Studio .NET project files. Plato3 has a modern, intuitive, highly customisable interface, most editor features and configuration can be set by the user.