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Clearwin+ Formats

ClearWin+ uses formats with the WINIO@ and winio functions to create Windows controls. The currently available formats and subject headings are listed below.

Interactive input/output: %co, %fl, %il, %rd, %rf, %rs

Controls: %bc, %bi,%br,%bt, %ga, %lb, %rb, %tb, %tt

Bimaps, Cursors, Icons: %bm, %cu, %dc, %ic, %mi, %si

Menus and accelerator keys: %ac, %mn, %sm

Layout and positioning: %ap, %cn, %ff, %gd,%gp, %nd, %nl, %nr, %pv, %rj, %ta

Boxes: %cb, %ob

Text display: %bf, %fn, %gf, %it, %sf, %st, %tc, %ts, %ul

Help: %bh, %he

Graphics: %dw, %gr

Main window attributes: %ca,%cv,%lw,%sp, %sz, %wp, %ww

Background colour: %bg

Child windows: %aw, %ch, %cw, %fr

Formats for call-back functions: %cc, %fs, %ft

Edit boxes: %eb

Data output: %wc, %wd, %we, %wf, %wg, %ws, %wx