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30-day Evaluation Licence (Win32)

A trial version of Winteracter is available for use with selected Win32 Fortran compilers (one of Lahey LF95, Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran, Intel Visual Fortran, Absoft Pro Fortran or GNU gfortran). We recommend that potential purchasers run the main Winteracter demo first before requesting a trial version, since the demo provides a concise illustration of most Winteracter product features.

A 30-day Winteracter (Evaluation) licence can be requested via the link below. If your evaluation licence request is approved, installation codes will be sent by email. These will allow the trial software to be used for up to 30 days from the date that the Winteracter (Evaluation) licence is issued. The evaluation version is available as a single file download (approx 16mb).

 What Is Included ?

A Winteracter (Evaluation) licence includes time limited, but otherwise fully functional versions of the following core Winteracter components:

  • Winteracter library for a specific compiler.
  • Winteracter Development Environment (WiDE).
  • Electronic version of the Programming Guide in PDF format.
  • On-line help files for the library, WiDE and OpenGL.
  • A substantial selection of example programs.
  • A sample selection of icons/toolbar-buttons/cursors.

Terms and Conditions

  • Evaluation is strictly subject to the terms of the Winteracter (Evaluation) Licence Agreement.
  • Support is available via email covering basic "getting started" issues and references to appropriate documentation. ISS reserves the right to vary the nature, availability and lifetime of this free service at our sole discretion.
  • Executables built with an Evaluation licence will display an "evaluation version" message each time the program is run. This message does not appear in programs built with the fully licenced product.
  • Executables built with an Evaluation licence will cease to function upon expiry of the evaluation period.
  • The trial version is provided for the benefit of new customers. It is not suitable for or available to existing full Winteracter licence holders.
  • ISS reserves the right to decline any evaluation request at our sole discretion. In particular, requests for multiple evaluations, repeat evaluation periods or evaluation extensions will not normally be accepted.

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